Wada Fine Arts, or Y++ WADA, was founded by Yumie Wada, chief art director of the gallery in 2007 to discover emerging Japanese artists and promote them to the world. Its activity has expended to Asian region to find potential talents under the concept of unique, cutting-edge, and comprehensive. Y++ WADA is known as one of a power gallery in Asia  and representing artists from Japan, Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia and China.

Y++ WADA was originally established as ISEYOSHI ART PROJECT, an art department section of a 100-year Kimono company ISEYOSHI in Ginza, Tokyo in 1990. The gallery is known for a primary gallery of world renowned artist Tetsuya Ishida.
The gallery became independent and opened as Wada Fine Arts in 2007 to broaden its activity to outside Japan. Wada opened a gallery in Beijing (2008-2012) and a viewing room in Hong Kong in 2013. Another viewing room just has opened in 2015 in Tokyo, and a new gallery space in Kamakura (Kanagawa) is planned to open in 2017-2018.