Hisako SUGIYAMA “Corridor”

2018/12/4 – 12/22

12/3 (Mon) 18:00 – 20:00 Opening ReceptionOpen Hours: Tue – Sat: 12:00 – 19:00Closed: Sun, Mon Hisako Sugiyama “Corridor” The title of the exhibition “corridor” actually comes from a title of her sculpture work she made in 2001. This “corridor/marigold” with vivid yellow color dazzled our eyes, and its harmonious size to human being reminded of a kind of functional furniture that its existence itself linked to the space.
Later, Sugiyama made another work titled “corridor/violet” in 2016. This bright purple object stood out the space. Both shape and color are the crucial factors for object. Besides the size of object gives an impression. By keeping the shape but varying the color and size, her works lead us to recognize and reconsider fundamental structure of objects.  Furthermore, what we are attracted the most by these “corridor” series is when we see these from all direction; the shape of the sculpture keeps changing, as if we are looking into kaleidoscope so that we almost can forget time passes.  In this exhibition 3 pieces of “corridor”, from 2017 on, will be on display. Each different “corridor”s will be co-exist in the same space. This will be a very interesting exhibit for sure.Besides, her drawing works with pencil and watercolor are also very attractive. 4 new works will be exhibited for this time. The motives in the drawings seem to move silently in the picture, and will give you a feeling of the sound chiming in your mind.   We look forward to your visit.

Wada Fine Arts

《Korridor /Red》 2017  合板/アクリル 53W×48.5D×52H cm
《Korridor /Blue》2018 合板/アクリル 30W×26D×30.5H cm
《門》2015 紙/アクリル、水彩、鉛筆、インク 79.2×54.7 cm
《扉》 2015 紙/水彩、鉛筆 79.2×54.7 cm
題名未定 2015 紙/アクリル、水彩、鉛筆、インク 79.2×54.7 cm
《降りてくる》2015 紙/水彩、鉛 79.2×54.7 cm